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Business strategy for creative people.

The Creative Business model canvas

The Creative Business Model Canvas is a business strategy tool developed to help you describe what you do in your arts practice, your arts business and the symbolic value you provide. 

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ABOUT The Creative business model canvas

The Creative Business Model Canvas was developed to enable creative practitioners to conceptualise their arts practice, arts business and the symbolic value creative artists provide. The Creative BMC uses business strategy design theory and Osterwalder and Pigneur’s popular Business Model Canvas to address the nuances of arts practice and is relevant to other businesses where artistic identity adds value to the business and where financial returns are not central to the businesses aim.


Why use the Creative business model canvas?

Start up

Use the Creative Business Model Canvas to start your arts practice.

Artist statement

Write an artists statement that truely reflects who you are as an artists and your artistic mission!


Define your audience, who do you make work for? Why do they buy your work?


Use the Creative Business Model Canvas to innovate your arts practice and arts business. 


Michelle’s method really helps dismantle 'the whole picture', piece by piece, towards a super clear understanding of my practice and each of the elements that interact with each other.

I’ve kept my workshop sheets handy for regular reference since.

Thanks Michelle.


Michelle’s Creative Business Model Canvas tool gave me a great structure to really think about my art career. This structure showed me where there were gaps in my career, other opportunities it hadn’t realised and ways of moving forward. It’s an excellent planning tool.


My catch up meetings with Michelle were fantastic to help keep me on track and focus on the key elements we had identified. We could also discuss any issues or queries as they arose while also discussing the progress of current artworks. I think this is a necessary process for all artists and I’m sure one that they would appreciate. Artists are often working alone and appreciate bouncing business ideas and creative concepts off of an expert and colleague as well as keeping them on track.


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